Top reasons for switching to CrystalGenics

Evolve is designed to solve a very problematic device by addressing a critical concern, infection control.

Regulatory Compliance

„…Because the majority of semi critical items in dentistry are heat-tolerant, they should be sterilized using heat. If a semi critical item is heat-sensitive, the DHCP should replace it with a heat-tolerant or disposable alternative”.

CDC Recommendations
  • CDC Recommendations:

    Therefore, handpieces and other intraoral instruments should be removed from the air and waterlines of dental units, cleaned, and heat-sterilized between patients....."



  • ADA Recommendations:

    In April, 2018, the CDC released a Statement on Reprocessing Dental Handpieces stressing that handpieces (both low-speed and high-speed) and other intraoral instruments that can be removed from the air lines and waterlines need to be heat sterilized between patients and that reusable devices made prior to 2015 may not meet current FDA reprocessing guidance.



  • FDA Dear Doctor:

    This is to notify you that the Food and Drug Administration [FDA) recommends that reusable dental handpieces and related instruments [such as air/water syringes and ultrasonic scalers) be heat sterilized between each patient use.



  • OSAP Recommendations:

    In keeping with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Dental Association, and OSAP recommendations, your dentist should be heat-sterilizing all instruments that penetrate or contact a patient’s oral tissues.



  • Sterilizers also are appropriate for sterilizing dental instruments. Your dentist (or his or her staff) should heat-sterilize instruments that have been used on a patient before they are introduced to treat the next patient.



For those in compliance, regulatory, or simply concerned about cross-contamination and risk management, CrystalGenics should be priority for your office. The CDC, ADA, FDA, and OSAP all recommend that the air/water syringe should be heat-sterilized between patients. Unfortunately, the majority of current air/water syringes, once installed, cannot be removed to be heat-sterilized. CrystalGenics solves this issue with a heat-tolerant sleeve that can be removed in seconds between patients.


CrystalGenics Integrated Cross Infection Control™ System

CrystalGenics Sterilized Sleeve System
Head Sterilized 100%
Handle Steriized 100%


Competitive Autoclavable Systems

Competitor A Head Sterilized 100%
Handle Sterilized 50%

Competitor B Head Sterilized 100%
Handle Sterilized 100%

CrystalGenics Integrated Cross Infection Control™ System

CrystalGenics Sterilized Sleeve System
Head Sterilized 100%
Handle Steriized 100%


Competitive Non-Autoclavable Systems

Competitors Head Sterilized 0%
Handle Steriized 0%

Sleek & Clean

Both systems are still being sold with metal air water syringe tips despite CDC and other leading heath authorities' recommendations.

Compare CrystalGenics vs. Non-Autoclavable

Cost/Day Salary Time @ 20hr

Environmental Waste Produced

Extra Costs

CrystalGenics Sterilized System

No Wrapping Required

0 min

Biodegradable Tip


2x2 or 4x4 for wipe


Non-Autoclaved, Non-Sterile, Wrapped Syringes

Wrapping Syringe and unwrapping

2 min

Additional Time Extra steps to clean Crevices in Syringe Crevices in Adapter Syringe Hose

1 min

Still left with unsterilized system

2x2 or 4x4 for wipe


Non-Biodegradable Tip


Non-Bio Wrap Used


Extra disinfecting solutions due to non sterilization


Additional 2x2 or 4x4, guaze to wipe syringe, and touchpoints of hose due to removal of plastic




Non-autoclavable air/water syringes end up costing offices more than you would think. Offices waste money on barrier sheaths, extra disinfectants, wipes, and last but not least, time. Wasted time is a huge issue in a dental office. Setup times and breakdown times effect an office's bottom line. To reduce costs and waste, an autoclavable air/water syringe system is a more efficient alternative.

Ergonomics in design

Ultra-Responsive Controls

The CrystalGenics buttons are designed to maintain and keep the DHCP's hand in a natural position while working in the patient's mouth. Each button gives a much desired tactile feedback. The thumb rests comfortably between the buttons and responds to either function effortlessly.


Competitive Brands

Competitive brands use a very traditional nail head design that usually requires repositioning the syringe to be able to depress the buttons. The thumb must be extended to depress vs a natural relaxed position for CrystalGenics.
To understand this idea truly it must be done live and in person. Hand the CrystalGenics syringe to a DHCP showing them the difference. You will see their pleased reactions in real time.

Lightweight ErgoDesign

CrystalGenics Sterilized Sleeve System

CrystalGenics 73g


Competitive Autoclavable Brands

Competitor A 173g
Competitor B 168g

CrystalGenics Evolve's lightweight construction reduces stress and fatigue on wrist, elbow and forearm in daily use. This revolutionary weight reduction allows the air/water syringe to weigh in at less than 1/2 the weight of the two market competitors currently on the market. CrystalGenics weighs a mere 73g vs 168g and 173g respectively.

Less than 1/2 the weight

Switching to the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system

  • Reduce risk and liability

    Increases the safety of every patient. Using CrystalGenics will reduce risks in cross-contamination while reducing liabilities following best practices and recommendations. Our system increases patient safety versus non-autoclavable, non-sterilizable air water syringes and tips.

  • Office Compliance

    CrystalGenics was designed to meet global health agencies' recommendations worldwide for air water syringe safety. Your office will comply with current CDC, ADA, OSAP, FDA, RKI (Germany), HTM01-05(UK) and many other health agencies' device sterilization recommendations from around the world.

  • Increased Efficiency & Savings

    Using a non-sterile wrapped device vs a sterile air/water syringe will cost more time and money in the long run. Stop wrapping, start sterilizing saving time and money.

  • Reduce waste

    Bio Tip
    No Wrap
    Sterile Sleeve
    VS Non-Sterile Wrap
    Non-Sterile Syringe
    Non Bio-based Tip

  • Ease of use

    One Touch Safety makes compliance hassel free! Easy installation with no costly training. Initial installation can usually be done in under 5 minutes per syringe. Simply install and meet current compliance recommendations in minutes.

  • Single-Use Air/Water Syringe Tip

    Feel good about increasing patient safety, while using an environmentally friendly product. The CrsytalGenics Tip is made using 100% bio-resin that depletes no fossil fuels in its production.

  • Integrated Cross Infection Control™

    Integrated Cross Infection Control System is the choice savvy dental health care professional chooses between a sterilized system vs non-sterilized system to use on each and every patient.

  • Intro Kit

    Interested in trying the CrystalGenics air/water syringe system in your office? Our Intro Kit allows you to try with no risk. See for yourself why CrystalGenics, the total decontamination solution, would be the perfect air/water syringe solution for you.

  • Product Improvement

    CrystalGenics has a singular focus on product improvement. We have a combined 110 years of product knowledge and category leadership for the air/water syringe and single-use tips.

Nothing is wasted when you make the switch to CrystalGenics

We offer an instant credit for your existing non-sterilizable air water syringe, certain restrictions apply. Order our CrystalGenics system and get paid to return your existing air water syringe.

We offer an Exchange for Free program. You're not stuck with your current system regardless of what disposable air water syringe tips you're currently using, we will give you a full value of your existing inventory, up to 1440 Tips.

CrystalGenics Kits

See all
  • Evolve Intro Kit

    An ideal entry point for those wishing to try the CrystalGenics system on a single chair.

  • Evolve Pro Syringe Kit

    Contains 5 CrystalGenics air/water syringes offering the versatility, efficiency, compliance, and safety.

  • Evolve Pro Sleeve Kit

    The Pro Sleeve Kit contains 5 CrystalGenics sleeves for those who decides to upgrade to the CrystalGenics syringe system.

  • Evolve Mega Kit

    For those with multiple chairs and a commitment to enhancing both patient safety and the practitioner’s experience.

  • Evolve Mega Syringe Kit

    The Evolve Mega Kit comes with 5 complete CrystalGenics syringes and 5 extra air/water syringe sterilizable sleeves.

  • CrystalGenics Tips

    The CrystalGenics Tip comes in packs of 480 single-use air water syringe tips or combo kits of 1440 tips. Air water syringe tips are available in two profiles, straight or angled, two materials, bio-resin or plastic resin. and ten designer colors.

  • The One and Only Total Solution

    CrystalGenics Evolve was designed with the purpose of resolving key infection control issues.

    Learn More

Make the Switch

It’s time for change. Replace your air/water syringes with those that meet current guidelines & patient safety demands.

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