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Our initial pre-release introduction is limited to select organizations and if you received the email, welcome. It means, we have carefully selected your organization in advance of the general public release.

For over 30 years, we have serviced the dental industry and established relationships around the globe. We are looking to introduce our flagship product to your organization. This is the world's first globally compliant product that meets or exceeds all current recommendations in this category space.

This item was designed around global compliance, ease of use, and most importantly to resolve the infection control breaches found in most dental offices. We are honored to work with each and every dental health care professional as they learn more about this new product and how it fills the gap in protocols and compliance.

We are currently placing CrystalGenics Trials with a no risk, no obligation, test for dental service organizations, universities, and manufacturers.

The remaining invitational invites are for hand selected organizations and distributors that fit a profile we think would mutually benefit from our relationship.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CrystalGenics family.

Global Sales Representative

Starz Westside Holdings
7000 Independence Parkway
Suite 156-165
Plano, TX 75025

US: 800.801.1234 LANDLINE/MOBILE
EU: 00.800.801.12345 LANDLINE
EU: +00.800.801.12345 MOBILE

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How to Use the CrystalGenics Air/Water Syringe


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