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Evolve is an air water syringe system designed to solve a very problematic device by addressing a critical concern, infection control.

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Integrated Cross-Infection Control™

CrystalGenics® Evolve’s Integrated Cross Infection Control™ creates a new standard that integrates, for the first time ever, a factory-installed single-use air water syringe tip system with an autoclavable syringe sleeve that can be easily removed and sterilized between patients with the push of a button. Safety Is Standard™. With CrystalGenics® Evolve, we've elevated patient safety while decreasing the environmental impact. The patented single-use CrystalGenics® tips utilize exclusive parallel tapered lumens to completely separate air/water and deliver amazing spray characteristics that today's discerning dentist demands. What’s even more impressive is that the tips are eco-friendly! Stop wrapping, start sterilizing, and increase patient safety, while helping reduce environmental waste.

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  • The One and Only Total Solution

    CrystalGenics Evolve was designed with the purpose of resolving key infection control issues.

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CrystalGenics Kits

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  • Evolve Intro Kit

    An ideal entry point for those wishing to try the CrystalGenics system on a single chair. Intro kit comes with one complete air water syringe, an additional air water syringe replacement sleeve, and 20 air water syringe tips.

  • Evolve Pro Syringe Kit

    The Evolve Pro Syringe Kit contains 5 complete CrystalGenics air water syringes offering the versatility, efficiency, compliance, and safety.

  • Evolve Pro Sleeve Kit

    The Pro Sleeve Kit contains 5 CrystalGenics air water syringe sleeves for those who decide to upgrade to the CrystalGenics syringe system.

  • Evolve Mega Kit

    The Evolve Mega Kit comes with 5 complete CrystalGenics air water syringes and 5 extra air water syringe sterilizable sleeves.

  • Evolve Mega Syringe Kit

    The Evolve Mega Syringe Kit comes with 10 complete CrystalGenics air water syringes.

  • Evolve Mega Sleeve Kit

    The Evolve Mega Sleeve Kit comes with 10 CrystalGenics air water syringe sterilizable sleeves.

  • CrystalGenics Tips

    The CrystalGenics Tip comes in packs of 480 single-use tips or combo kits of 1440 tips. Air water syringe tips are available in two profiles, straight or angled, two materials, bio-resin or plastic resin. and ten designer colors.

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It’s time for change. Replace your air water syringes with those that meet current health authorities' guidelines & patient safety demands.

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